Like a modern day plague sweeping the nations or as I quite like to imagine David Cameron as some type of Rameses character from the prince of Egypt, not heeding the warning and doubling the workload, striking down all of the main streaming sites for popular American shows such as; The Good Wife, Scandal, House of Cards, American Horror Story, THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF (ALL COUNTIES!)


All of them…Gone.

First they came for the porn…then they came for the proxies. WHAT SICKNESS IS THIS???!!!?

They came, they tracked, they tore down and one by one our beloved sites diminished. Among the victim toll;

Watchseries /watchtv – with its neutral blue and white easy on the eye format.

SideReel -The peoples classic –  ,you weren’t always up to date but you had so much choice , Project freeTV Duck, Putlocker my sweet. All perished, or now asking for registration.

Even my last resort (poorly but boldly presented) – (of which I was convinced only I knew). WHAT A FOOL IVE BEEN.


‘Haven’t you got Netflix though?’ – Fuck.Off.

Yes Netflix who – this Christmas boast of new releases…Which include a fab jolly old time watching festive gems like horror Oculus or the newest paranormal activity – Tis the season and all that. If those don’t take your fancy there’s always that cult classic Hannah Montana or various other Z list / 90’s straight to VHS release among other such SHITBOXES Netflix boasts of releasing this December. In terms of TV? well there’s last seasons American Horror Story -The Coven – Which is fine if you were the last one to arrive at that party, but I wasn’t. I was one of the first (thanks to my friend Oscar) and now I am being punished for my commitment to good American TV. The same can be said for most of Netflix shows HACtually now I think about it: Suits…only goes up to series 2 (out of 4)….The Good Wife season 4 (out of 6).Netflix is trying, bless it, but like I said its last to the party, Netflix is that reliable friend who only just realised the skinny or straight legged jean was whats up.


What we need now is a Moses character in the this story to come and free up all the streams and lead us – the people (hopefully for the sake of stealing this Hebrew analogy there will be Jews – who I have a real penchant for) onto a great exodus. Basically we need the Gladiator in cream suit herself- Olivia Pope.