Production made easier

Hiring Experienced Video Professionals


Planning, coordinating and executing video shoots can be extremely stressful – trust us, we know. Our extensive experience running a Video Production Company means we’ve been there, done it and then some!

We have years of experience crewing together teams for a catalogue of clients all tailored within a variety of budgets. We have forged excellent links to freelancers, talent and talent sourcing. From camera operators to voice-over artists, we know the importance of putting together a reliable and talented team who can deliver on the day.

Our versatile teams at Dragonfly live for what they do and are more than willing to take the weight off – seriously they love it!


INFOGRAPHICS  with links to descriptions of specific production roles.


Video crew services and Talent sourcing

From the tips of our wings to the ends of our tails, what defines Dragonfly video content is – quality.


The key to this, is in working with the right people, even some of the greatest ideas have been lost to the wind from muffled microphones, shaky camerawork, shoddy acting and poor planning.


Luckily, over the years we have assembled a reputable team, all experts in their fields with years of experience. From makeup artists to steadicam, scriptwriter’s, or bespoke animations – we can put a professional team together to suit both your needs and match your budget.

Talent scouts

‘Okay… So where did the talent go?’

Good talent is hard to find (and it is).

Thankfully throughout the years we have had the real privilege of working with some fantastic talent from across the UK and abroad. These working relationships have accumulated themselves gratefully into a very large, very magnificent black book of names!

Whether you need to fill that last-minute child actors spot, find a presenter, or the hand models gone missing – we guarantee we will be able to help source the right acting talent for your production. From scouting a perfect voice-over artist, or finding that specific look for your vision – Dragonfly have it covered.

Freelance Video Crew

‘Dragonflies assemble!’


We have become increasingly proud of the professional relationships maintained with our dedicated freelancers over the years and believe them to be the wingbeat to this Dragonflies flight.

If you find yourself looking for additional members to your shoot crew, we can put you in touch with our exceptional contacts. From videographers with top of line cameras, director’s of photography with their own rigs, lighting, sound, runners – you name it, we can cover it.

Top to things off, not only do our crew members absolutely love what they do – they all come with professional credits to their names. So whether you’re interested in hiring a full crew, or just need an extra hand on set, get in touch and we will help you find the right person for the position.

Here at Dragonfly we are passionate about retaining our pool of talented freelancers and value the importance of recognising talent – before someone else does!

If you are a freelancer and would like to be considered for a job